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After you have successfully enrolled as an indirect reseller on your existing direct bill partner tenant, you will receive an invitation to enroll for indirect reseller incentive within 30 days. Die Einladung basiert auf dem MPN-Partnerkonto, das aktuell Ihrem CSP-Partnermandanten zugeordnet ist Registrieren Sie sich als Indirect Reseller. Als Partner im Cloud Solution Provider-Programm verwalten Sie den gesamten Kundenbindungs-Lebenszyklus und helfen Kunden, ihre digitale Transformation zu beschleunigen. Zur Profilierungsseite. Finden Sie einen indirekten Anbieter. Entdecken Sie ein globales Netzwerk von qualifizierten indirekten Anbietern, die Ihnen helfen, die Markteinführung von.

Partners who are ready to enter the market, but who don't want to have to manage multiple vendors, or who may not have an end-to-end customer relationship management infrastructure in place, can enroll in Microsoft's Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program as indirect resellers Der Partner sollte zudem jährlich mindestens 100.000 US-Dollar Umsatz mit Microsoft Cloud-Diensten erzielen. Das Gros der deutschen Partner startet daher als Indirect Reseller, um dann bei anhaltendem Wachstum gegebenenfalls auf CSP Direct zu wechseln. Das sagen erfolgreiche CSP-Partne Microsoft resellers, find a qualified indirect provide here to help get your cloud-based solution to market faster. They take care of customer billing and support, so you can focus on building your business On June 30, Microsoft sent all Microsoft CSP partners a notice of non-renewal regarding Microsoft Partner`s formal non-renewal and transition agreement and sent its CSP partners with Deriyfing to terminate the Indirect Reseller CGV as of August 31, 2019. Here`s an example of mailings to CSP indirect resellers: Starting in October 2020, all new Microsoft partners affiliated with CSP will.

Indirect Providers are required to service you as a reseller by giving you the tools and platform needed to place orders, billing and license management. Whereas Direct CSP requires you to purchase your SKUs from Microsoft, working with an indirect CSP would have you purchase them right from a CSP Provider Als Microsoft Reseller sollten Sie eine Zusammenarbeit mit einem Indirect Cloud Solution Provider für Ihr Cloud Angebot in Erwägung ziehen. Das ist eine gute Wahl, da die Entscheidung für einen Indirect CSP bedeutet, dass Sie sofort ohne großes vorab Investment damit beginnen können, Dynamics 365 und Office 365 zu verkaufen All Microsoft Partner Network. Investments and incentives. Take advantage of financial and program opportunities focused on helping you expand your solutions and your business. Sign in for more information about your incentives. Partner investments and incentives can help drive the technical and workplace innovations you need to advance your business and your customers' digital. A Microsoft support plan, either Advanced Support for Partners (ASfP) or Premier Support for Partners (PSfP), depending on your needs. Must meet at least USD300K in Cloud Solution Provider program annual revenue during the preceding twelve months as an indirect reseller. Partners can review their trailing twelve months of revenue on Partner Center. The sales that make up your USD300K.

MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION. 8/21/2020 7:32 AM. Enroll as CSP in Partner Center. Click on the Sign in button to sign in with your Microsoft global admin work account. If you are already enrolled in the MPN program in PC, you may sign in with the same account to onboard to the CSP Indirect Reseller program. Note. As a Microsoft Reseller, you are considering to collaborate with an Indirect Cloud Solution Provider (indirect CSP) for your Microsoft cloud offering. A smart choice, because selecting an Indirect CSP means that you can start reselling all Microsoft solutions like: Dynamics 365 and Office 365 directly without big investments upfront CSP Direct Bill Partner. Managed Reseller. CSP Indirect Provider. Microsoft Commerce Incentive. CSP Indirect Reseller. SPLA Reseller. Online Services Advisor (OSA) Sell. Surface. Online Services Usage (OSU) Microsoft 365. SAM. More Information. Please visit the Partner Incentives MPN Portal: aka.ms/partnerincentives. Includes all Partner-facing incentives materials such as the program guide. Enroll as an indirect reseller. As a partner in the Cloud Solution Provider program, you'll manage the entire customer engagement lifecycle, helping them to accelerate their digital transformation. Go to the enrollment page. Find an indirect provider. Discover a global network of qualified indirect providers who can help you go to market faster and grow your cloud business with efficiency. Go.

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Before you buy, use the tools and resources here to learn more about licensing and payment options for Microsoft Volume Licensing. Create a quote for Open License, Open Value, or Open Value Subscription, and share with your Microsoft reseller, who can determine your final pricing. That choice of partnership, between direct (formerly called Tier 1) and indirect (Tier 2), will have major implications for your managed service provider (MSP) or value-added reseller (VAR) business down the road. It's worth putting in the research now to make the right strategic decision! Selling cloud services is a smart decision in 2020

The Microsoft CSP program is divided into two models: Direct and Indirect. The primary difference is simple enough; Direct CSP partners purchase and resell Microsoft products directly from Microsoft, and Indirect partners purchase and resell Microsoft products through a CSP Indirect Provider As a CSP Indirect Reseller, use this template app to access a rich set of reports This application has a number of insightful reports for CSP Indirect Resellers. The reports provide rich insights into how the partner's customers are performing with respect to the subscriptions and licenses they sold to their customers, and helps partners make data driven decisions

Indirect Resellers will be required to accept Microsoft Partner Agreement when they log on to Partner Center Dashboard to access CSP tenants. 2. After January 31, 2020, acceptance of MPA will be required for all partners in the CSP program to be able to transact ( i.e. add new subscriptions or add seats to existin When reviewing on Microsoft profile that has sat dormant for a few years and after doing all the updates to company, location, banking etc, I came across in our reseller profile saying we are declined with no other information. Is this because we do not have a silver competency or is it because our direct partner distributor has not done something on their side to send information to Microsoft. Want to generate long term revenue selling through Microsoft's CSP Program? Our partner program has everything you'll need to be successful. Sign up today

Microsoft has today announced details of the CSP Indirect Reseller incentives for July-October 2020 - and the good news is, we still have the same incentives carrying forward until October. If you weren't able to attend Microsoft's online meeting, or would like a recap, I'm summarising the key points Here`s an example of mailings to CSP indirect resellers: Starting in October 2020, all new Microsoft partners affiliated with CSP will register as indirect resellers for the CSP program. You will then need to create an account in the Partner Center. To do this, you provide the following information during the registration process Als Microsoft Surface-Reseller unterstützen wir Schulen bei der Digitalisierung und stehen Ihnen mit unserem Wissen als Bildungsprofi zur Seite. Lassen Sie sich unverbindlich beraten und informieren Sie sich über verbesserte Konditionen für Bildungseinrichtungen bei Bestellungen in höherer Stückzahl. Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Anfrage! Windows and Devices. Ferdinand-Porsche-Straße 6. 73479. Microsoft CSP Indirect Resellers now can set-up their Cloud Commerce and support ecosystem and can Unlock their Potential. It's all about Your Brand Your Identity & Your Customers. Since Indirect Re-sellers owns customer relationships they are accountable to deliver for what their customer expects. As the API economy is growing, meeting ever changing expectations for self. As an official CSP Indirect Provider, Resello offers all of Microsoft's world-renowned cloud products to help service providers thrive in the growing cloud market. Get a powerful advantage by upselling, cross-selling, or bundling Microsoft cloud solutions with more high-profit products or value-added services

So, I asked one other Indirect Reseller that we know well and they said it does work perfectly well for them! I have gone back to Azure support and asked 2 questions, which I'm also going to ask here: Are any Indirect reseller able to log support calls with Microsoft on behalf of customers? If not, it means that when customers transition from. Find a Microsoft certified solution provider. Get help identifying and implementing Microsoft solutions. Search for experienced certified partners near you Der Fokus der neuen Seite liegt auf dem Indirect CSP-Modell, das nach unserer Erfahrung für die meisten Reseller am besten geeignet ist. Fündig werden aber natürlich auch Partner, die sich für das Direct-CSP-Modell interessieren. Für diese habe wir unter anderem die vierteilige Video-Serie Der Weg zum Cloud Solution Provider im Angebot. Darin zeigen wir im Detail, wie Sie zum Cloud. Microsoft CSP Indirect Resellers Microsoft CSP Indirect Resellers now can set-up their Cloud Commerce and support ecosystem and can Unlock their Potential. It's all about Your Brand Your Identity & Your Customers Since Indirect Re-sellers owns customer relationships they are accountable to deliver for what their customer expects

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To add new Microsoft CSP customer, Indirect Resellers can now manage the complete workflow from the Jamcracker platform. Just add them to your white-labeled commerce portal with the necessary information and your indirect provider can be notified to take further action. Once your Indirect Provider takes action, the workflow can be completed by you. A similar experience is built to bring your. Now, with the ReThink portal and AppXite as our distributor, we get all the tools and services we need for a successful journey as an Indirect Reseller. Finally, we can concentrate on growing our Microsoft and SaaS business and accelerate with AppXite's Marketing and Sales support. There Are 4 Easy Steps To Join Our Partner Networ Microsoft Partner Agreement に同意する必要があります。 • CSP プログラムに参加している間接リセラー様は、間接プロバイダー様と連 携して、パートナーセンターにオンボーディングし、関連条件を実行する必要 があります。 • 間接リセラーを含むあらゆる種類のパートナー様にとって. Reseller Profile Registration Portal. Privacy and Cookies © 2021 Microsoft Corporation.All rights reserved

As a CSP Indirect Reseller, use this template app to access a rich set of report As a CSP Indirect Reseller, use this template app to access a rich set of reports AppSource. Apps Consulting Apps Consulting Services. Search Microsoft AppSource. Search. Sell Blog. AppSource. Apps. Search Microsoft AppSource. Search. More. AppSource. Search Microsoft AppSource. Search. More. AppSource. Search Microsoft AppSource. Search. Apps Indirect Reseller - Partner Analytics . https. Those channel partners, now known as Indirect Resellers, and previously called 2-Tier Resellers, sell directly to customers and get their Office 365 and other Microsoft subscriptions from the.. The Microsoft CSP Indirect Reseller Incentive program rewards reseller partners, who purchase from a CSP Indirect Provider, for driving the activation and enablement of customers with Microsoft based online services. This guide is not applicable for the People's Republic of China. Incentives summary Rates for FY20 Q1 (July 1-September 30, 2019) will remain unchanged from the FY19 second.

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  1. Microsoft Partner Center API https: We are currently an indirect reseller that would like to offer a portal for purchasing licenses to our customers. It seems that to provide this (to be able to automate the assigning of licenses) we would require access to the Partner API which is only accessible to direct resellers. With this being the case, what options are available? Additionally, we.
  2. Microsoft CSP Indirect Resellers now can set-up their Cloud Commerce and support ecosystem and can Unlock their Potential. It's all about Your Brand Your Identity & Your Customers. Since Indirect Re-sellers owns customer relationships they are accountable to deliver for what.
  3. As indirect Reseller you can and shoul also add a CSP reseller relationship for yourself. The Reseller relationship will also make you eligible to incentives. And you should also talk to the Provider if they list you as the reseller in their records. Partner of Record (POR) is not applicable to CSP sales
  4. All indirect resellers that work with indirect providers will have a new requirement to accept the Microsoft Partner Agreement in Partner Center. To learn more about the Microsoft Partner Agreement and how it makes it easier for partners to do business with Microsoft, please review these frequently asked questions
  5. Become a Microsoft CSP Reseller. Umbrellar Connect is powered by New Zealand's best Microsoft CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) Resellers. Partner with Umbrellar as your Microsoft CSP Indirect Provider, giving you and your customers the tools you need to begin your Azure, Microsoft 365 & Dynamics 365 business practice. We'll help you leverage the entire Microsoft and Umbrellar Connect.

Q1 Indirect Reseller Incentives Webinar. Register Now. Simply fill out this form to view the pre-recorded webinar * * * * * * Microsoft may use my email and phone to provide special Microsoft offers and information. Yes * Microsoft may use my email and phone to provide special Microsoft offers and information. Yes. Microsoft may use my email and phone to provide special Microsoft offers and. Join the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program to (re)sell Microsoft's growing portfolio of cloud solutions, such as Microsoft 365, Office 365, Azure, and Teams. As a Microsoft CSP Indirect Provider, Resello supports both new and existing Microsoft Indirect Resellers an Direct Bill Partners New for Microsoft H2 FY20: Co-operative marketing funds (Co-op) and Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Direct Partner and Indirect Reseller Incentive programme On 1st January 2020 (Microsoft FY20 H2), Co-op will become a component of the CSP Direct Partner and CSP Indirect Reseller incentive programmes, with Microsoft using a 60 percent rebate/40 percent Co-op split Giacom are a Microsoft Indirect CSP and provide a wide range of business solutions through the Cloud Market to more than 4,000 IT resellers across the UK. Operating Europe's largest reseller-only network, the Giacom Cloud Market is the #1 choice for IT resellers and is home to popular Microsoft services such as Office 365, Dynamics 365 and Azure Becoming an Indirect Reseller with Grey Matter enables you to easily purchase Microsoft subscriptions for your customers. Grow your software business by combining your licensing, provisioning, deployment, support and billing, all within one simple model

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  1. Microsoft stellt erstklassige Cloud-Services inklusive Marketing, Incentives und Eskalations-Support zur Verfügung.Die Cloud-Produkte und -Services können flexibel kombiniert werden. Als Cloud Solution Partner der Telekom profitieren Sie von den Vorteilen des Partnerprogramms der Telekom, von professionellem Support und attraktiven zusätzlichen Services und Sie werden Teil des wachsenden.
  2. Indirect resellers are responsible for finding customers and selling. Because of the support from indirect providers, you can focus on selling and growing your customer base. As an indirect reseller you can take advantage of the ability to offer Microsoft online services while outsourcing billing and support to your CSP indirect provider.
  3. istration at the user. By default, Partner users cannot help customers. The partner's users, on the partner tenant, must be enabled on a per user level to assist your customers. The selected user permissions must be changed by.
  4. Implication: Microsoft and partner cooperate to ensure compliant distribution practices of downstream resellers. Value to partners: Protection of long-term growth and business continuity through improved transparency, compliance, and lawful business practices. For direct bill, indirect providers, and indirect resellers

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  1. On the indirect front, the reseller is the entity that sets the price for Select Plus and MPSA agreements. In an attempt to secure your business most resellers will agree to specific pricing terms for the course of the contract. It's not uncommon to receive a cost + x% for Microsoft Select Plus or MPSA agreements for those customers that will commit to purchasing other hardware.
  2. Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) ist das strategische Cloud-Transaktionsmodell von Microsoft. Wir optimieren es stetig, um es als Geschäftsmodell und zur Steigerung der Rentabilität für Partner attraktiver zu machen. Partner können nun einem klaren Pfad folgen, um sich für den Erhalt von Partner-Incentives für ihr CSP-Geschäft zu qualifizieren - mit Zuschüssen, die CSP Direct Partner.
  3. Approximately 90% of companies that sell CSP are Indirect Resellers. Many Microsoft Distributors sell other products besides Microsoft. As a partner, this enables you to provide a full package of offerings. For example, an Indirect Reseller might want to include an offer for new tablets with an Office 365 license purchase. Another example could be providing Jabra headsets with a purchase of.
  4. Before you start this step, please ensure you are enrolled as an Indirect Reseller in Partner Center. [insert link] MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION. 8/21/2020 7:30 AM. Thank you. View this deck, FAQs in multiple languages, and other Indirect Reseller resources in the CSP Gallery . https://partner.microsoft.com.
  5. All clauses as mandatory accepted within the Microsoft Indirect Reseller Agreement, the Program Guide and all other Microsoft Specific Terms and build the basis of these Terms and also apply directly within the contractual relationship between Reseller and Tech Data in addition. If Reseller fails to comply with these Terms, including the Microsoft Program Guide, the Indirect Reseller Agreement.
  6. Indirect Distributors: Indirect Distributors are the backbone of Microsoft CSP programs, dealing with Microsoft on one side and hundreds or thousands of Indirect Partners on the other side. Some Indirect Distributors, which Microsoft refers to as cloud distributors, bundle other products for Indirect Partners to offer. In many cases, Indirect Distributors provide billing and provisioning.
  7. Indirect Resellers who have not accepted the Microsoft Partner Agreement will have their CSP transactions blocked. This means Indirect Resellers will not be able to place new orders, including renewals and adding new seats, and will be limited to managing existing subscriptions only. From August 31, 2020

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  1. reseller in order to accept the Microsoft Partner Agreement, which will be available beginning September 1, 2019. As an indirect reseller on Partner Center, you can have a comprehensive experience which will allow you to find and transact with Indirect Providers, manage your relationships with customers and Indirect Providers, and leverage Partner Center's powerful business tools, like.
  2. . 12 Jun. Partners transacting in the CSP program: CSP Indirect Providers. As part of the new enhanced process, all CSP Indirect Resellers will need to accept the Microsoft Partner Agreement on Partner Center. Indirect Providers are required to point their Indirect Resellers to.
  3. Moving from a Microsoft direct partnership to an indirect partnership Thursday, November 1, 2018 Announced back in October, Microsoft has introduced two new requirements that direct Cloud Solution Partners must meet before their next enrolment period after August this year (2018). Maximising your Microsoft incentive
  4. Benefit from Microsoft Azure as your public cloud platform, and Resello as your automation platform. Use, provision, manage and invoice the Azure Cloud as a Microsoft CSP Indirect Reseller or CSP Direct Bill Partner. As a CSP Indirect Provider Resello can support both Indirect Resellers and Direct Bill Partners
  5. Find authorised Microsoft Surface resellers for your business . Surface resellers offer a range of devices, services, and support to help you deploy Surface across your organisation. From financing, to deployment, to post-sales technical support and end-user training, there is a Surface reseller that fits your business needs. search for a reseller. Choose the right mix of devices and services.

Microsoft's CPS program offers two opportunities for partners. First is the direct partner. As the name suggests, these resellers work directly with Microsoft itself. Direct partners receive all the training, tools and support needed to stand on their own as a cloud service provider. However, in order to take advantages of this opportunity, partners must meet the following criteria Indirect CSP for Microsoft Resellers. As a Microsoft Reseller, you are considering to collaborate [] After Directions EMEA 2016, Microsoft Dynamics NAV partners face crucial decisions on their future. As a longtime Microsoft-observer with a perspective geared toward [] QBS group helps you to really understand CSP! The new Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program is going [] What Dynamics. On an indirect basis, MS provides pricing to the partner and the partner sets the customer purchase price. The customer places orders and remits payment to the LSP. With direct sales, Microsoft ® negotiates the EA and provides all pricing directly to the customer

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Microsoft Reseller Procedure by Zadid on ‎05-28-2020 01:05 AM Latest post on ‎06-16-2020 12:32 AM by MartijnElfers. 5 Replies Microsoft CSP Indirect Resellers - Create Your Eco... by johnkatrick on ‎04-21-2020 12:13 AM. 0 Replies 301 Views 0 Replies. Microsoft introduced the CSP program two years ago to allow its partners to sell Microsoft cloud solutions with their own offerings and services. You have two options to sell Dynamics 365. You can either become a direct CSP partner and work with Microsoft directly, or you can join a reseller program with an indirect CSP partner like Sherweb Resello is an authorized Microsoft CSP Indirect Provider and cloud services distributor with a growing number of cloud services available, including Microsoft 365, Windows Virtual Desktop and Microsoft Teams, as well as a large portfolio of third party SaaS-solutions available via the Azure Marketplace

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  1. CSP is Microsoft's program created to help partners go beyond selling licences, and to benefit from incentives, to package solution bundles, and take advantage of a worldwide ecosystem of industry-leading products
  2. Microsoft Partner Center API https: I wonder in 2-tier CSP model if an Indirect Reseller is assigned to any role by default in Azure subscription which is created with his MPN ID. If he is not assigned to any role by default how can an Indirect Disributor give him a proper access right to he be able to support the customer. Best Regards. Sunday, March 5, 2017 4:00 PM. Answers text/html 3.
  3. Microsoft has published APIs under Microsoft CSP Modern Commerce Program and with this Microsoft Indirect Resellers can build their own ecosystem to perform key business operations, manage resources and their customers. With Jamcracker Cloud Service Broker platform Indirect Resellers can set-up their own ecosystem and achieve the following:: Online Marketplace: Indirect Resellers can operate.

MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION. 9/28/2020 2:44 AM . Migrate from PMC to Partner Center This is the first step in the migration process after you click Get started in Partner Membership Center. Start with your work email on this page. Below is additional on performing PMC to Partner Center migration. https://docs. The CSP program has been created to help Microsoft resellers strengthen the partner-customer relationship and enhance partner business opportunities through giving partners the ability to manage the complete Microsoft cloud customer lifecycle Ein Reseller verdient entweder daran, dass er Angebote zu einem günstigeren Preis bezieht, als er sie anschließend verkauft, sodass ihm eine gewisse Marge verbleibt. Oder ein Fachhändler erhält vom Anbieter für jeden seiner Verkäufe eine Provision, was häufig in der Telekommunikationsbranche beim Abschluss von Service-Vertragen der Fall ist. Provisionsmodelle gibt es aber auch bei der. I am a global admin for our office 365 tennant and we are an indirect reseller via CSP. When trying to install the Indirect Reseller - Partner Analytics app it errors after entering my credentials. MessageThe credentials provided for the Commercial Partner Analytics Connector source are invalid.. I'd like to migrate away from the reseller and be able purchase licenses direct from Microsoft. After various phone call I have been advised that the only way to accomplish this is to; 1. Back up all my data to local PST files for emails and make a local of One Drive files etc. etc. 2. Cancel my subscription with the Reseller. 3. Buy a new subscription from Microsoft. 4. Create all my users.

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Microsoft Direct resellers incur a significant burden in managing and provisioning seats and services. Investing in a branded self-service site that allows your customers to manage their current services, while also purchasing new services, saves you time and resources and grows revenue Indirect Reseller Terms; The Microsoft Partner Agreement must be accepted by Indirect Resellers prior November 1st, 2020, to ensure no disruption of your ability to create new customers or place new orders for existing customers in the CSP program. After that date, the acceptance of the Microsoft Partner Agreement will be required for all partners in the CSP program. Partners who have not.

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Prorusoft ist Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Indirect Reseller. Dadurch können wir Ihnen gewüschte Cloud Dienste im Bereich Microsoft Azure, Office 365 und Business Analytics anbieten. Als CSP Indirekt Reseller bietet Prurusoft Ihnen Microsoft Office 365 Lizenzen zu sehr guten Konditionen CSP Indirect Reseller Incentives Purpose: Designed to Reward and support CSP Indirect Resellers for driving the activation and enablement of customers with Microsoft based Online Services. Eligibility: Active MPN membership, Attain defined MPN competency at Gold or Silver level, Onboard to the CSP incentive tool. INCENTIVE RATE Core Incentive (Rebate only) - O365, M365, Azure 4% Core.

for Microsoft 365. CPOR enables you to create customer associations, measure your impact, and get rewarded for successfully driving usage with your customers. Cloud Solution Provider Indirect Reseller Incentive. Designed to reward indirect reseller partners for driving Cloud Solution Provide Als CSP-Partner (Cloud Solution Provider, Cloudlösungsanbieter) können Sie den Vertrieb von Microsoft-Clouddiensten (Azure, O365, Enterprise Mobility Suite und Dynamics CRM Online) über eine einzige Plattform abwickeln. CSP bietet Partnern folgende Möglichkeiten: Sie behalten die Kontrolle über den gesamten Lebenszyklus der Kundenbeziehung; Sie legen den Preis und die Bedingungen fest und. A Microsoft Direct CSP is a Microsoft partner that meets the strict requirements to be a preferred Azure reseller. Read on to learn about the benefits of working with 10th Magnitude as your Azure CSP, many of which are available at no additional cost to you and with no long-term commitment. Access to World-Class Azure Expert Please join the UK Partner Incentives Lead for an up to date view of the CSP Indirect Reseller incentive program and associated campaigns. There is live Q&A on this call enabling you to get real time answers and clarity on the earning opportunity. Indirect CSP Reseller Incentives - Partner Webinars . Thursday 4th October 2018 11.30am (BST) Register Now. Indirect CSP Reseller Incentives.

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Microsoft Direct and Indirect CSPs can sell, provision, and bill cloud services from the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Program - all from one single platform. Create a custom branded marketplace for your cloud services and keep your product catalog updated every month with Microsoft's continuous changes. Simplify your billing. The Microsoft CSP Indirect Reseller Incentive program rewards reseller partners, who purchase from a CSP Indirect Provider, for driving the activation and enablement of customers with Microsoft based online services. This guide is not applicable for the People's Republic of China. 5 Incentives summary FY19 H1 (July 1 - December 31, 2018) For FY19 H1, CSP Indirect Resellers are eligible for. Warning: The Microsoft account you use for Indirect Reseller sales to your customers cannot contain Own Use CSP subscriptions for your business. If you want to order subscriptions for Own Use you need to create a new Azure AD tenant and register this one as Indirect Reseller, otherwise you may skip this section and proceed to ' Register tenant as Indirect Reseller ' Launched back in 2015, Microsoft's Cloud Solution Provider Program (or CSP Program for short) was created to allow resellers to take advantage of Microsoft's cloud offering. Two models were created, resell Direct through Microsoft (tier one) and resell Indirect through a cloud distributor (tier two). In the CSP program intY serves as an Indirect Provider to resellers on the Indirect model

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Take advantage of the cloud opportunity on Microsoft Azure by becoming a Microsoft Cloud Reseller with Wirehive. We are the UK's only Microsoft Indirect Provider dedicated specifically to helping agencies build and sell digital products on Azure and other Microsoft cloud technologies Microsoft Partner Center API https: * Indirect Resellers need to see their subscriptions in Partner Center. Reference: Connect with customers in Partner Center Select Customers from your Dashboard menu and then select Request a reseller relationship. Kind regards, Thursday, July 19, 2018 1:17 AM. text/html 7/19/2018 2:43:27 AM Jerry Zy 0. 0. Sign in to vote. Hi, Yes, it needs the. Microsoft partners participating in the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program as Indirect Resellers are benefiting from a buyer's market when it comes to choosing the bigger companies with which. Microsoft can attribute influence and Azure consumed revenue to your organization. CPOR. Claimed Partner of Record (CPOR) Online Services Usage Incentive program (OSUM365) for Microsoft 365. CPOR enables you to create customer associations, measure your impact, and get rewarded for successfully driving usage with your customers. Cloud Solution Provider Indirect Reseller Incentive. Designed to. RackNap is a billing and provisioning platform which provides cloud billing and provisioning services for direct CSPs, indirect providers and indirect resellers

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The CSP Indirect Reseller Incentive is available to all Microsoft resellers who transact via an Indirect Provider. Purchases must be made through CSP to be eligible for rebate payment. 2. Partner must be a registered Microsoft Partner and have an MPN ID to be eligible. MPN ID must be the same used for all CSP transactions. 3. The discount rate for Microsoft CSP services is automatically. Direct: This program is where Microsoft will resell the CSP SKUs directly to the partner. The expectation is that the partner is already large enough to effectively handle these additional. We announced a new CSP reseller transition capability that eases the transition from a direct bill partner to an indirect reseller and accelerates a partner's business growth with the Cloud Solution Provider program. This new capability allows a direct bill partner to operate as a direct bill and as an indirect reseller using the same direct bill tenant, providing a consistent experience for. Provision Indirect Reseller Experience Service through Logicom Cloud Marketplace. Indirect Reseller / Who & What. Access to the Microsoft Partner Center to manage end customers . Set support contact per subscription. Administration. Limitations and Prerequisites. Limitations: Partner's tenant account is a Sandbox account. Partner's tenant account has been used to purchase service for. Timeline for Microsoft Partner Agreement. September 1, 2019: The Microsoft Partner Agreement has become available for signature on Microsoft Partner Center. April 1, 2020: All partners in the CSP program are required to accept the Microsoft Partner Agreement to transact in the CSP program. From October 26, 2020: Indirect Resellers who have not accepted the MPA will be unable to create new.

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Microsoft Email, phone, or Skype. No account? Create one! Can't access your account

MPN ID: unlock your Microsoft partnership | SherwebTransition from Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) direct billSwitch direct-bill partner to indirect reseller - Partner
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