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Check Out our Selection & Order Now. Free UK Delivery on Eligible Orders A Veterinarian Will Answer You Now! Questions Answered Every 9 Second Parrot 9990 / 31000 / 310997. Question -Solved. Close. 3. Posted by 4 months ago. Parrot 9990 / 31000 / 310997. Question -Solved. I am a newbie at DMR, and I consider myself computer literate. I have programed my radio and attempted to interact with Parrot. I have done this through a local repeater as well as a MMDVM hub. In both cases I can HEAR other people calling in, and in fact when I. Setup a channel that uses the repeater of choice and the Parrot talkgroup (9990) as a Private Call If the group is setup on your Anytone 868/878 you can use an existing channel that you setup for the repeater and use the Parrot talk group by following my instructions Using a talk group on the fly

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  1. Showing how to test your audio with the parrot option. I'm using the TYT md-380 & a arrow 7 element yagi cut for 70cm ban
  2. Parrots are now available for radio and hotspot users. The parrot will repeat your audio back to you - this allows setting of audio levels. Both use TG9990. For hotspot users, use TG9990 on TS1 . For RF users via a repeater, use TG9990 on TS2. News. Previous post VK3RWV joins the network Next post Second Adelaide DMR repeater on test Comments are closed. Recent news. Welcome to VK2RAG.
  3. 9990 or 310997 - Parrot (Private Call) 31000 - Parrot (Group Call) 310999 - ARS/GPS; Fusion Talk Groups. 99 DG-IDS can be assigned per each master for DR-2X Repeaters with LAN Cards connecting to a BrandMeister Server. The table below shows current mapped DG-IDs to BrandMeister Talk Groups
  4. 9990 is the talkgroup Brandmeister setup for Parroting your transmissions back to you and it is setup as a Private Call TG. I've seen where, as you suggested, using the 9999 TG for the same thing as well as a Group Call. The issue was solved and I posted the solution onto this discussion link. Thanks and 73, de AA5ZT

PVRA DMR Brandmeister Network Repeaters These repeaters are on the Brandmeister Network. Which employs a totally different concept than what we have been used to, an OPEN concept. Unlike other DMR systems, all talk groups go out across the entire network, except for the LOCAL (TG9). Torrington, CT, W1HDN, Frequency 441.550 +5.00 Vernon, CT, AA1HD, Frequency 440.8625 +5.00. Programming Rules. Parrot 9990 9990 Private Call Call Zone 6 31096 Static If the PAPA System decides to continue with BrandMeister, we will have the following talkgroups as well, we will not know the talkgroup IDs until they are setup by BrandMeister To test the Brandmeister connection, do a private call to 9990. To test DMR+ send a group call to 89990 and to test TGIF send a private call to 4009990. Each should play back what you transmit

Parrot PRIVATE CALL to 100 or 9990. Setting up a private call to one of these talkgroups. 100, or 9990, will let you key-up and record a message, once PTT is released, to enable receive, the network will then playback what you recorded, this is a great way to test your audio, or new microphone on your radio, and give you a idea, of what you sound like, and what other users over the network. Parrot / Echo test - TG 9998, TS 2 This is a network echo test that allows you transmit up to 90 seconds, and after a 5 second pause, will repeat back to you exactly what the network users hear on their end. Excellent for audio level and distortion testing. Note: On the Brandmeister network, the echo test is TG 9990, TS

Parrot 311037: BRARA SE-FL 311416: SACValley 311433: BAYAREA-DMR 311573: Flower City 311584: SCPA Chat 311662: UORRT 311678: HSCAREN 311898: Genesee Valley 311953: VARG 311995: SW-LA 312130: IARPN 312186: SCARC 314215: PADMR Local 330013: IslaComm DMR Rpts 330911. Set your DMR information in pistar.Some professional Amateurs, they are very familiar with this. But for DMR beginners. You need first to set some basic configurations about your own DMR callsign, and ID in pistar. Below picture shows my information. 2. Set information on the radio. a. Write down your DMR ID in ID setting. b. Creat a private Priority Contact. Named it Parrot, Call ID is 9990.

Here comes the first part about a codeplug. Talkgroups are chat rooms. Find the ones that are of your interest in this list, and take note of their IDs. You might want to include 310, 214 and 9990 amongst them. Add these your talkgroups list. List all of them as Group Calls, except for 9990 (that is Parrot, aka echo test, and requires a private. I can transmit to TG9990 and other, see transmission on Pi-Star and Gateway and the Parrot no reply. My associate could hear me on 9990 and we could hear other amateurs calling Parrot and we could not hear a Parrot reply. Now when friend used his Baofeng DMR on Parrot there was a Parrot reply. We tried different setup in code plug with the DJ. A DMR talkgroup is simply a way of grouping many Radio IDs into a single digital contact. Or put another way, a talkgroup is a method of organizing radio traffic specific to the DMR users that all want to hear the same thing and not be bothered by other radio traffic on a DMR network that they are not interested in hearing. Talkgroups can exist for many purposes. You can have talkgroups for. BrandMeister Talkgroup List There are 1584 available TalkGroups on the BrandMeister network. The below table is generated by connecting to the BrandMeister API, this data is live as of the time this page was loaded

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  1. Another weird thing I found out is that the channel setting for DMR Mode for the private TG 9990 ( Parrot ) changed in the radio from the setting in the code plug of Simplex after writing the data to the radio . I tried many times and verified it by creating another private TG on a different channel and both of them changed after writing to the radio . They don't change in the code plug, of.
  2. d for all hams is kind of a stretch. It sure was for us. So we decided to do something about it. At D4D, you'll find many tips and tricks to help you get started
  3. Deutschlands größter Preisvergleich - mehrfacher Testsieger mit TÜV-Zertifikat
  4. 9990 - (aka Parrot 1) This is the most widely accessible Parrot and will cause your voice packets to be transmitted by your repeater / hotspot up through the network to a DMR server and then back down again to your radio during replay ; 9998 - (aka Parrot 2 / Connect Query) This is used by the popular SharkRF openSPOT and some other hotspots to trigger a synthesized voice that will provide.

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Over the last few days I've noticed (and heard reports of) some difficulty hearing transmissions on the DMR repeater. Investigations with the Parrot (9990) indicate that everything on the RF side would appear to be working fine, and was wondering if perhaps the powers that be could double check that the Internet is stable for the link, or maybe make sure everything is running right Removed Tone and TSQ. Updated Features and Coordinator. Added DMR. KD2DLL 2013-05-07: Changed nearest city, landmark, and status : K2HAT 2012-11-17: Added PL, call, sponsor, and links. W2AFD 2011-09-20: Added Parrot / Echotest - TG 9998, TS 2 This is a network echo test that allows you transmit up to 90 seconds, and after a 5 second pause, will repeat back to you exactly what the network users hear. Simplex Frequencies In the South Central PA area, the simplex channels of choice are: 446.075 MHz - Primary Simplex 446.500 MHz - Secondary Simplex 446.075 MHz TG 99 TS 1 CC 1 446.500 MHz TG 99 TS 1 CC.

Dial private call to 9990(Parrot),listening your voice,in TS1,TS2 Dial private call to 4000 (Disconect tip),listening system voice ,in TS1,TS2 ( 7 ) Set Static Talkgroups for Timeslot 1 and Timeslot 2 ,when use DMR mode TGIF is the new kid on the block for DMR radio networks. The TGIF network is growing fast and really full of great people thus far. TGIF Network configuration through a DMR Gateway on PI-star. First, open up pistar. Note: make sure your pi-star is running and you have network connectivity to it. Then,click on the menu item configuration. Next, click on the menu item Expert. Then, go to SSH. Even connecting to the Parrot 9990 channel - it's a test channel that repeats back what you transmit - we can't get a response back. But we are new to DMR, so maybe we're making a mistake. Maybe it's something to do with the local repeaters. The local club is heavily biased towards Fusion, a different digital radio spec. Well keep working it. VFO - with frequency display (no. On DMR, use timeslot 2, and Talkgroup 9990 or 310997, private call (NOT GROUP CALL). For example: TX= 446.7625; RX= 441.7625; CC=1; TS=2; TG=9990; CALL TYPE: Private; On D-star, to use parrot mode, set your radio the the following.. MYCALL: <yourcallsign> URCALL: <space><space><space><space><space><space> E; RPT1: N5AMD B; RPT2: N5AMD G; Search. Search for: Search . Check out the How-To's.

Okay, so my hotspot right now is monitoring all of these talkgroups, and you can see there's some activity coming in on TAC-310, Upstate New York. Of course, it's gonna be a little slow right now, right. There you go. Okay, now, let's go to my radio. My radio, right now, is on the Parrot talkgroup, which is 9990 Parrot (tg-9990) is used for testing audio levels. Time Slot 1. Canada English (tg-3026) is default on always. Tennessee (tg-3147) is default on always. Canada (tg-302310) is default on always. Repeaters: 443.5625+ DMR-70c

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The Parrot is an audio DVR. It will playback the audio that it hears. 9998 for a c-Bridge connected repeater. 9998 will need to be set as a group call. 9990 for a Brandmeister connected repeater, or a hotspot. 9990 will need to be set as a private call. Your DMR radio does not broadcast your FCC callsign, so you must always ID Got it! This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website . Cookie Consent plugin for the EU cookie la

Hi there, trying to use the new rewrite functions, but it fails with Echo/Parrot (9990). Echo/Parrot (9990) is a private call, not a group call, but even that i've tested. With rewrite active: Private call to 9990: M: 2016-10-27 21:33:16.. The Parrot is a special function that lets you check whether you're making it into the system and how your audio sounds. You access it by making a PRIVATE CALL or GROUP CALL to 9990 or 31000. Anything you say will be repeated back to you, If you don't get a reply, then you aren't making the system The DMR-MARC Worldwide Network Registration system now open, you will be transfered to RadioID.net. Our network is an all-digital group of over 500 DMR-MARC repeaters in 83 countries with over 144000 registered users. There are over 6600 registered DMR repeaters world-wide in our database. we are all amateur radio operators many of whom are Motorola Solutions employees, Motorola Service. Wow! 2020 has been one hell of a year for me and Summit On the Air (SOTA). As you can see in the table below, 2019 was busy, but 2020 achievements were insane, given that I racked up 104 summits for 543 points (and I'm not retired). That's a 68% increase in summits and 48% more points. Also, there was 66% more climbing year over year, for a total of 83,390 feet climbed while doing SOTA

TG 91: Internazionale: TG 907: Jota: TG 9071: Jota Tac 1: TG 9072: Jota Tac 2: TG 9073: Jota Tac 3: TG 9074: Jota Tac 4: TG 9075: Jota Tac 5: TG 9076: Jota Tac 6: TG. What is DMR Like D-Star Parrot 2 9990 Huntsville 444.975+ CC1 - W4FMX. DMR Repeater Do's and Don'ts Never use encryption settings on a radio - Forbidden by the FCC -Part 97 Wait and listen before transmitting Always ID (give you call sign) Always enable talk admit criteria on each channel - Prevents you from talking over someone else Avoid using Private Call - Occupies a TS which. bridged groups | reflectors . updated: 04/24/2020 ++ = link with dmrq-dmo TG Description TS1 - TGs TS2 - TGs Reflector / Group; LOCAL GROUP 2 / 4: TG TGIF Talkgroup List There are 379 available TalkGroups on the TGIF network. The below table is generated by connecting to the TGIF Website, this data is live as of the time this page was loaded

DMR Network 3 can be left as is. DMR Network 4 - Enter your DMR ID where it is called for [DMR Network 1] Enabled=1 Address= Port=62031 TGRewrite0=2,9,2,9,1 TypeRewrite1=1,9990,1,9990 TypeRewrite2=2,9990,2,9990 SrcRewrite0=2,4000,2,9,1001 PassAllPC1=1 PassAllPC2=2 PassAllTG1=1 PassAllTG2=2 Password=Enter your BM Hotspot. You can connect any hotspot supporting the Home Brew Protocol to the IN-1 c-Bridge with the following information: Server NamePasswordPortdmrlink-hotspot.nf9k.net1nd1anaDMR62030 Timeslot #2 Talkgroups: Talkgroup NameTalkgroup IDCrossroads8710IN Statewide3118Local-23166Grant ARC798714Parrot9990 If you're using a Pi-Star based solution, please check out this outstanding document written by Mark. Verify that your radio works by transmitting to Parrot (talkgroup 9990) and you should hear your transmission returned. Parrot, unlike most talk groups, should be setup as a private talkgroup in your DMR ht CMS. If you want to hear talkgroups without keying them up, get a brandmeister self care free account, and you can add in static talkgroups to your now mini-repeater. Now when you scan your. The same apply for the link status (PC 5000) or parrot (PC 9990). I suggest you to read the user manual to get an overview of the easiness DMR usage with the firmware, and how minimalistic your codeplug will turn into

BrandMeister Talk Groups There are 1585 available TalkGroups on the BrandMeister network. The below table is generated by connecting to the BrandMeister API, this data is live as of the time this page was loaded TGIF Network - Talkgroups . T G I F NETWORK. DONATE Lastheard. Active Talkers. Talkgroups. Self Care. Server Status

I finally got around to listening to Parrot on DMR after getting reports of bad audio on the DMR AMSAT net. My audio sounds slurred and slow - Almost to the point of my voice being unintelligible. I sound like I am drunk from having consumed four six packs of beer in the last 20 minutes (it takes me two months to drink one sixpack so that's not the problem!) I'm using the OS 3 to transcode. DMR Server; Listen Live; Audio Archive; How To ; Albums; Repeaters. If you live or will be passing through the Cary, NC area here is the info you will need to join in. TX: 441.3625 MHz RX: 446.3625 MHz Shift: 5.000 MHz CC: 1. TS1: Full-time to XRF054 C (TG31254). Open for all dynamic TG activity including parrot tests. Use TG2 for Local. TS2: Full-time to Triangle NC (TG31371). Please do not. Scenario GOOD : I register into brandmeister , call the parrot 9990 and hear the talkback: M: 2020-12-25 23:16:26.089 DMR, 2020-12-25 23:16:34.111 DMR Slot 2, received RF voice header from xxxxxx to 9990 M: 2020-12-25 23:16:37.891 DMR Slot 2, received RF end of voice transmission from xxxxxx to 9990, 3.6 seconds, BER: 0.9% M: 2020-12-25 23:16:41.056 DMR Slot 2, received network voice. If you want to try the BM parrot, enter DTMF code *9990, release the PTT, then if you press the PTT again, the call will be forwarded to private call 9990, which is usually the BM server's parrot service ID. If you only enter * (without an ID) then a quick private call to 4000 will be started. If you only enter # (without an ID) then a quick group call to 4000 will be started. You can also use.

TG 31000 Parrot (Group Call) TG 31001 Net Talkgroup 1 TG 31002 Net Talkgroup 2 TG 31010 Alabama Link TG 31011 Gulf Coast DMR TG 31012 QuadNet-BM TG 31013 ALERT-K4NWS TG 31014 HSV TG 31015 Central Alabama TG 31016 NW Alabama TG 31051 ARWX TG 31058 NW Arkansas TG 31059 E.A.R.S. TG 31060 PVARC TG 31061 Cal 1 TG 31062 Mountain West TG 31063 Mtn West • A Private Call called Parrot with a value of 9990 A full list of active reflector IDs is available on the Brandmeister website. To connect to a reflector, go to Slot 2 Local (Talkgroup 9), select the private call and press the PTT you'll then hear Gladys at Brandmeister HQ repeating the reflector number back to you. Let the call drop, then just transmit as normal. If the. 4000 display a broken chains logo 9990 display a parrot logo 9 or 8 displays a DmrPlus logo into tx/rx screen 6 displays a XLX logo any other TG display a BrandMeister Logo. Remote Commands work simply when TX into a determined TG or Private number as works in Nextion displays, same code numbers have hardcoded for all modes of MMDVMHost. To. # 133 North America DMR-Marc # 2: 3169-3179 Regional Talkgroups # 2: 9990 Parrot # Brandmeister Talkgroups # 91 World-Wide # 93 North America # 3100 USA Nationwide # 31090-31099 Regional Talkgrops # 2: 3117 Illinois Statewide # 2: 3129 Missouri Statewide # 2: 310-314 TAC Groups # Local Talkgroups # 2 - General # 6 - Training # 9 - EMCOMM [DMR. Thats what the XBND stuff's about. for DMR I normally connect direct to N0KEG's XLX376 reflector - it's far more reliable than Brandmeister these days. Here's the relevant pi-star settings: Enjoy! tyt-md-uv380-hotspot.rdt_.zip. AB0L (Formerly N0KAI)-----Kenwood TM-V71A, Kenwood TS-590S, Icom ID-4100A, Yaseu FT-891, TYT MD-UV380, TYT MD-380, Kenwood TH-D7A, BTECH UV-5X3, µBITX V5, µBITX V4.

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Another example: if you set the reroute ID to 9990/private call, then if you call TG9, your call will go to the parrot service 9990, and the parrot reply will come back to you to TG9. Rerouting is dynamic, if you start a short call to a new reflector/talkgroup, reroute ID will be automatically set to the new reflector/talkgroup. SSID 9990 Parrot Private Call 2 31360 NY-NJ-PA Tristate Group Call 2 31665 TGIF Group Call 2 37030 SKYNET Group Call 2 65911 WC3PS-WEARS Group Call 2 Repeater, Hotspot and Simplex Information for radio programming WEARS Openspot at Airport EOC - 431.025 WEARS Digital VHF Repeater - 145.440 -0.600 offset [TX 144.840] (ID# 310220) WEARS Digital UHF Repeater - 442.150 +5.000 offset [TX 447.150] (TGIF. start time: duration: source peer alias: source radio alias: dest. bridge group: RSSI (dBm) site name: loss rate: 02:00:16.4 Feb 25: 8.631: K0GOI Rptr - Saint Paul MN. Special use (Parrot: 9990, audio test: 9999) Reflectors. Update 2/2021: Brandmeister has dropped reflector support at the end of 2020. This information would still be applicable to other networks that use reflectors. Reflectors are different than talk groups. With a talk group, keying automatically establishes the connection and is dropped.

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NETZWERK AUF HOTSPOT DMR HINZUFÜGT . Einrichten Ihres Hotspots . Suchen Sie die IP-Adresse Ihres Hotspots in Ihrem lokalen Netzwerk. Melden Sie sich bei Ihrem Hotspot an; Gehen Sie zum Konfigurationsmenü; Gehen Sie zur DMR-Konfiguration und setzen Sie DMR Master auf DMRGateway und auf SPEICHERN zum Änderungen Anwenden; Ihr Brandmeister Server sollte gleich bleiben. Klicken Sie auf den. Try 9990 as a parrot. I still trying to figure out DMR on a ZumSpot. Not so much how to program the hotspot, but more about programing the radio to work with this device and using Brandmeister and DMR+. I've listened to many YouTube tutorials and I lost count. DStar is a walk in the park. Good Luck, Mike P.S. My radio is a 868 too. R. radio_runner2003 Member. Premium Subscriber. Joined Oct 12. BM Parrot 9990 private call If you are looking for a DMR handheld I highly recommend the D878UV. I bought mine with the hotspot bundle and it worked straight out of the box. Again, great radio, great company. Paul Pannell - K4XRA Quality equipment at a fare price that stands behind their equipment. Great customer service and helpline. James Hinman - KB9OAU It's a great company! I love. DMR REPEATER 1 Jefferson Valley, NY NY4Z 448.92500 -5 MHz Color Code 3 Time Slot #1 - Group Call TG 444 NY Metro System Wide - FT #1 Group Call TG-9998= Parrot audio test (PTT) #2 - Members Only private Talk Group DMR REPEATER 2 Mahopac, NY NY4Z 448.125 -5.0 MHZ Color Code 9 Time Slot #1 - Group Call TG 444 NY Metro System Wide - FT #1 - Group Call TG 9 Local Talk Group - FT #1 Group Call TG.

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Amateur radio WB0KIA 147.165 repeater at Mission, Kansa Global 9990 Parrot LH Hoseline Wiki Global 91665 Marines RNLMC LH Hoseline Wiki Global 95150 Global NorCal 5150 LH Hoseline Wiki Global 97911 Red Américas EMCOM LH Hoseline Wiki Global 98001 WWARG LH Hoseline Wiki Global 98002 HamFurs LH Hoseline Wiki Global 98003 Reddit LH Hoseline Wiki Global 98004 W8IRC IRC Chat LH Hoseline Wiki Global 98005 SBE LH Hoseline Wiki Global 98006 AMSAT LH. PARROT. 9990 Parrot (Private call and TS2) GPS. Positioning on Motorola CPS:- General: - GPS: On - Network: - CAI Network: 12 - ARS Radio ID: 5057 - preferred channel settings: - ARS: On System/Site Change - IP Site Connect: On - GPS Revert: Selected - Data Call Confirmed: Off (unchecked) GPS & Registration Service. 5057 ARS/RRS/GPS; All GPS and Registration data should be sent over Slot 2 to.

pi-star 4.1.x and 4.0.x Parrot not working - forum.pistar.u

Parrot: Group Call: 9990: Create Receive Groups. DMR radios will only listen for talk groups in the receive group unless they are in a monitor or promiscuous mode. The Promiscuous mode lets you listen to all talk groups on any time slot on any color code. Can you say CONFUSING? You will want a receive group containing the talk groups for the repeater or hotspot you'll be using. You want these. Łącza i usługi specjalne : 88: XRF088 B : 881: XRF088 A : 8505: XRF077 D : 8506: XRF055 C : 8507: XRF036 B : 8510: XRF003 D : 9107: XRF007 B : 9990: Parrot / Echo.

How to make a ECHO TEST with private call at 9990 with

9990 (Time Slot 2) Microphone test (parrot) / Test microphone: TAC (TACTILE) BM On TAC TG's PTT activated stays active 15 min after last PTT . TalkGroup BM: TalkGroup DMRQ: Description: 302 20: 320 (TAC) Tacticle Group with DMRQ: 302 21: 321 (TAC) Tacticle Group with DMRQ: 302 22: 322 (TAC) Tacticle Group with DMRQ: 302 24: Quebec Hotspot: SOME TALK GROUPS ON BM / QUELQUES TG SUR BM. 9990, #Parrot, Private Call; Get 7-Zip from https://7-zip.org and install. Extract the CPS, Firmware, and other files from the Zip file you downloaded. Install the CPS software. It will try to install to the wrong Drive, correct it to your C: drive. Plug in your radio to the USB cable and turn it on

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DMR repeater for the Northwich area, connected to the UK BrandMeister Network. The purpose of the repeater is to provide a central meeting place for anyone in or around the Northwich area to experiment or make make contacts using DMR. Basic code plug settings for GB7DJ. GB7DJ (local) Local: GB7DJ Local: Network Reflector (4400) Parrot Test: Reflector Status: Rx=439.6625: Rx=439.6625: Rx=439. Parrot 9990 NorCal Meter 9999 XLX145/DStar 20206 WiresX Room Greece/C4FM 20208 Regio Keistad 20421 Regio IJsselmond 20441 YSF444 20494 Belgian YSF Bridge ON4TOP 20601 Belgium North YSF Bridge 20602 Lille Local 20859 UA 1 22801 UA 2 22802 UA 3 22803 UA 4 22804 XRF490 B 22810 S.West 23500 S.East 23510 N.West 23520 Ireland Chat 23540 Scotland Chat 23550. North East 23560 M62 Corridor 23562 Wales. As of 2018, Radioid.net is now the single source for DMR IDs. R egister.ham-digital.org is the single ID source for EU hams. Both DMR-MARC and Brandmeister, along with many other networks, use radioid.net as the source for DMR IDs. Not all DMR repeaters are the same. What makes a DMR repeater different is the network its connected. On the daskboard, place a private call to parrot (TG 9990). Talk for a few seconds and then let up the button. After a couple of seconds, you should hear your message repeated back to you. Look at your BER. It should be .3 or less if you're near it. If not, go to configuration and expert. Select MMDVMHost. Scroll down to the following section Brandmeister. VE3LSR is a DMR repeater on the Brandmeister System reporting to the US Northeast Server (3101) Basic TALKGROUPS. Name_____TG_____T

A parrot mode Parrot is also available with the reflector code 9990, when connected to it, in Private Call, you can listen back your modulation. To disconnect from Parrot mode, use code 4000. To obtain the status of the connected reflector, you can send a private call to the 5000 reflector. Correction QR Below is a prototype table of BrandMeister talk groups. Click the link to activate the talkgroup on the Hoseline site. US TALKGROUPS USA - Nationwide (4639) 3100 Alabama 3101 Alaska 3 And there is still provision for DMR Network 5 to link to whatever custom thing you want too. Andy's example from the topic: [DMR Network 1] Enabled=1 Address= Port=62031 TGRewrite0=2,9,2,9,1 TypeRewrite1=1,9990,1,9990 TypeRewrite2=2,9990,2,9990 SrcRewrite0=2,4000,2,9,1001 PassAllPC1=1 PassAllPC2=2 PassAllTG1=1 PassAllTG2=2.

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